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We help you get your voice, your brand, your talent, "your music" catapulted onto the world stage, so you can help inspire others. This dynamic Agency is for those who embrace all that is excellent in the field of entertainment - and you can take that to the bank!

The only reason the Major Label artists have an advantage over you, is one thing, they have a platform, well, now you have one as well!  Here at the James O’Connor Agency, we have just begun to level the playing field, we are reclaiming the Music business in favor of the artist, and the Author that is you! sign up today and let us broadcast your global career!

At “JOCA” we are reshaping the Indie Music World, One artist at a time! And also reshaping the way Authors leverage their books through music! I am looking forward to sharing your story and your music with the world! So until the next time when we meet again, I’ll either see you on the socials, or I’ll see you on TV! Click on and sign up right now!

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