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Are you a Singer/Songwriter, a musical artist, or, in the Music business in some capacity? Have you been struggling to get your voice heard above the many voices out there? Well your ship has arrived! I’m James Kevin O’Connor, Singer/Songwriter, Audio/Video artist, Master story teller and International Talent Agent, and I am here to bring opportunity to you……..

Many of you have been on my Podcast Dharmic Evolution that is now in 60 Countries, well it has just recently turned into an International Radio/TV show, and that means that I have some really great news for you. Most of you know by now that slugging it out in bars every night, and posting all day long on social media alone, is just not enough to reach all of the audience that is necessary to creating a full time living from your music.

We now have the platform at The James O’Connor Agency to catapult your career into the the stratosphere, using our very own Satellite TV network. Would you like your interviews to go around the world? not only via audio podcast, but now with full blown video, featuring “your” hi quality WAV file Masters, and wait, I am not done yet! If you have a music video we will also feature that video on your interview, so it will be broadcast around the world to millions of viewers!

The only reason the Major Label artists have an advantage over you, is one thing, they have a platform, well, now you have one as well! Here at the James O’Connor Agency, we have just begun to level the playing field, we are reclaiming the Music business in favor of the artist, and that is you! sign up today and let us broadcast your global career! at “JOCA” we are reshaping the Indie Music World One artist at a time! I am looking forward to sharing your story and your music with the world! So until the next time when we meet again, I’ll either see ya on the socials, or I’ll see ya on TV!