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Broadcasting your Global career is just that, if promoting your brand, your voice, or your music is what you are interested in, then "JOCA" just might be your ticket to letting the world know all about you! After a vetting out process, and if you qualify and meet our very high standards, we will broadcast your music and your brand via The dHarmic Evolution International Radio/TV show via satellite around the world, just click and "LEARN MORE"

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We have a vast menu of services and pricing structure in place to compliment your product, service and talent. Your brand just might fit into "The James O'Connor Show" For more information on how "JOCA" can serve you, click the "LEARN MORE" box below and find out what we can do for you!

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Singer, songwriter, podcaster and music producer James Kevin O’Connor is the Founder/Chairman/CEO of the James O’Connor Agency based in Mendham, NJ and Nashville TN, which represents global talent including singers, actors, models, bands, authors and keynote speakers. He has written, produced, and performed on many of his own solo albums through the years, including, "175 Cherry Lane”, and his two latest, "Geography of the Soul" and “Gratitude", which were recorded on Music Row in Nashville, TN with A list musicians, and producer, Kim Copeland. Mr. O’Connor has hosted over 150 podcasts with artists from around the world, through his show DHARMIC EVOLUTION. Currently in 58 countries and still growing, the world is able to access these phenomenal shows, (available on iTunes and SoundCloud) which have launched promising new talent as well as enhancing the careers of rising performers in the industry. Mr. O’Connor is the co-songwriter and lead vocalist of the unique Christian pop rock/gospel album, "MERCY" with Pastor Dr. Christine Mercy Overton, PhD. D.D. The ten songs produced and mixed and Mastered in Nashville, TN, will be released separately as well as performed live on stages all across the country, then the world. Mr. O'Connor is also developing a very unique television show that will feature some star studded performances from the up and coming future Grammy winners that you have not heard of yet, but will very soon! Details to be announced any day!


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