British/American Reverend Christine Mercy, D.D., PhD. is Founder, Chair and Chaplain of Mercy Worldwide Ministries based in Ohio, President and Chaplain of the Global Parenting Network, President of Mercy Media, Host of the TV show MERCY, Executive Producer and executive songwriter for “I AM VICTORIOUS,” a published author with a book in the U. S. Library of Congress and Seminary Professor for Now Faith Ministry Church with 6000+ seminarians and 18000+ members.

Rev. Mercy is part of the songwriting and performing team of “MERCY” with James Keven O’Connor. This dynamic team is set to tour next year with their new show, “I AM VICTORIOUS,” featuring their original songs, scripture, music, dance and choir. Their music was recorded on Music Row in Nashville, TN, USA in 2016. Rev. Mercy is globally known for her gifts in preaching, the laying on-of-hands, prophetic words, counseling of leaders in addition to her considerable and abundant teachings on radio, in churches, in print, in educational establishments, through social media, film, TV and on the mission fields, where she humbly brings God's grace, love and healing mercy to children, youth and adults in prisons, schools, hospitals, hospices and corporations.

She is a graduate of Oxford University, Cambridge University, the Royal School of Music, the Royal Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, the Manchester School of Music, Halcyon Theological School, Rockhurst University, the Carnegie Institute, the Gillette citizens Police Academy and the Gillette Area Leadership Institute, to name a few. 

Her degrees, diplomas and certifications are in theology, divinity, leadership, hospice ministry, public policy, business management, marketing, law enforcement, music and public speaking. 

She has been honored with over 300 prestigious awards from philanthropic organizations including Rotary International’s 2011 Humanitarian of the Year, the Girl Scouts of America’s Woman of Distinction, four letters from US Congress and India’s HV Desai Eye Service Care Award. In 2016, she was honored by the 44th President of the United States the honorable Barack Obama with the Lifetime Achievement Award for service and her ministry Mercy Worldwide Ministries received his gold medal for service. 

A former United Nations Representative over the Congo, Armenia, Haiti and India, specializing in the elderly, genocide, trauma outreach and spiritual education, Dr. Christine has given presentations at the UN in NY on humanitarian as well as outreach in India and Japan. 

During the Tsunami and earthquake in 2011, she was an advisor to the Japanese consulate and embassy and was part of a humanitarian relief effort.

In her capacity as a Chamber of Commerce executive and later as CEO/President of the United International Chamber of Commerce, she has enjoyed a highly successful career in teaching executives effective speaking, powerful presentations and dynamic networking in addition to helping facilitate round table meetings with executives in the USA and Canada. She has served as the chief of staff for Government Affairs, Agriculture, Energy, Natural Resources and Retail Development.

Rev. Dr. Christine Mercy has worked with the International Lions Club, the March of Dimes, the girls and boys club of America, the RSPCC and RSPCA to name a few. She has formed many programs including the “Dignity Pack Program,” which assist women in crisis. 

She mentors dozens of children around the world instilling strong values and leadership ability. Many of her students are now studying in university and the military, after being told previously that they could never graduate from high school. 

In addition to her passion for inspiring young people to excel, strengthening communities, forming programs for the elderly and disabled, speaking to incarcerated men and women, Evangelist Mercy is a trained Hospice Minister. 

She works closely with Government leaders to bring programs to countries that will ignite and unite a sense of community spirit, particularly to inner cities and war torn provinces. 

During 2017, she will utilize her television programs to teach from the Word. These shows will go out to all 198 countries in the world over 5 TV networks. 

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