writing and producing songs for AUTHORS!

Writing Your Song

  • We will custom write a song that encapsulates your story and presents it in a contemporary 3-4 minute song with professional songwriters. We will write the song and present to you in demo form with vocalist and one instrument (guitar or piano) This song will tell the story of your book with more immediacy and be a framework for production in the studio if you choose to advance your song to that level.


  • If you love what you have heard so far, you are really going to love this idea! As part of our commitment to you, we offer to split the publishing rights to the song with you on a 50/50 basis, we also have our own publishing company "Blue Sky Audio Productions" so we not only offer to help get you published, we can "get you Published" as we own and control our own Publishing as well.

Producing Your Song

  • We take your custom song to the Center of the Musical Universe! Yes we record your song in the Music City, Nashville TN, on the world famous "Music Row" with our A team! Our very own family of Seasoned Veterans that are the best of the best in Nashville and have all recorded with the top music stars in the world, now they will be the soundtrack of "your song" that will live forever and keep your book alive and in the minds of all who hear it. Everytime people hear your song it connect's people to where they were and who they were with the first time they heard it!
  • *Bonus
  • As an added bonus you will be invited to be a guest on the James O'Connor Show, an International Podcast/Radio/TV show. We will interview you about your book and your song, play the song on the broadcast, promote you, your book and your song with our Social Media, and run your Interview on our own TV Channel "Guided" and also feature your interview on our own JOCA Youtube channel!

Producing Your Music Video

  • We will shoot a professional Music Video for you as a promotional vehicle that will promote your song, and your book together. You will now have yet another vehicle to keep both the sales of your song and your book alive by taking advantage of all of the tools and resources "JOCA" has to offer your career, we can even arrange to have "YOU" in the video if you so choose!

Promotional Trailer

  • Get your own custom made promo that is designed to feature your song, and your book and with a full 1 minute entertainment style promotional video, this will have the best part's of your song and book with James doing a professional voice over done in our studios, and the track mix of your song playing as the music bed that drives people to purchase your song and your book at the retail destination of your choice, itunes, amazon, & the world!

Digital Distribution

  • Have JOCA create your own Digital Distribution package, this includes signing you up to to all the major retail outlets ie, Amazon, CDBaby, itunes etc. Getting you signed to performing rights organization "bmi" (who will collect your publishing royalties) and insuring your song is available for distribution worldwide!