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writing and producing songs for AUTHORS!

Writing and Producing Your Song

  • We will custom write and produce a song that encapsulates your story and presents it in a contemporary 3-4 minute song with professional songwriters. We will then take the song and record it with our own "A Team" of professionals, yes, seasoned veterans on the world famous music row in Nashville TN. Our team of Producers, Engineers, Musicians and Mastering Engineers have all worked with the top music stars in the world, now they will be creating the soundtrack of "your book" that will live forever and keep your book alive and in the hearts and minds of all who hear it. Everytime people hear this song, it connects people to where they were and who they were with the first time they heard it!

Christine "Mercy" Johnson, Chaplain,  Author, Speaker & Thought Leader

Christine "Mercy" Johnson, Chaplain,  Author, Speaker & Thought Leader

The song "Come" was written about Christine's book and her near death experience from the great pandemic flu attack in Britain in 1989. She went from the city Morgue then to the Gates of Heaven and was anointed with a very special mission from our Lord!


This is how we take your book and make sure it stays relevant and in the forefront of peoples thoughts, do you remember where you were when you heard your favorite song? and who you were with? Of course you do, we all do, now your book or brand can stay with people forever!


Take a listen to two shining examples of the kind of work we do for you, no this will not be an average song, nor an average production (not even close) at JOCA our approach to everything we do is to create every project as if it is the last one we will ever do! That is our commitment to you, as a fellow Author, I feel your passion! James~

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